Can I submit more than one work?
Yes you can, there's no limit to the number of works you want to submit.
However, you will have to submit them one by one, and after your work is published you can sbumit another work.
I submitted, but my work doesn't show up
This can be because your submission has yet to be approved.

Alternatively, the intention is to display visual art with as little as possible curating intervention, however not all submissions will be accepted. Selection occurs on conceptual quality as well as the technique & craft used to create the work.
I did not receive any email
In most cases the email ended up in your spam or junk folder. Please check the folder, and add our email address to your whitelist.
I forgot my password
No problem, you can reset your password here. Fill in your email address, and follow the instructions in the email we send to reset your password.
I cannot login
Possible reasons why you cannot login:
  • You typed in the wrong password (solve this by doing a password reset)
  • Your login name & password did not match
  • Your membership has yet to be approved by an admin
  • Your account has been deleted
Pleas note that passwords are case-sensitive and must have at least 8 letters (and/or numbers).